Recently, I spoke with a close friend. After a few minutes he said, "Every day I reflect on the passing of my father" It started me thinking. As a child, I remember feeling my own parents' strong, protecting arms holding me as I drifted off to sleep. Nothing could ever harm me as long as they were there.

Death and mortality, sickness and disease, all make me angry. We all have a mission to stop the suffering and pain of our friends and loved ones. I am determined to do my part to prevent the grief and emptiness that we still experience and I don't want my children and loved ones to prematurely experience the same profound sadness.

I will continue to do my part to promote anti-aging. If this consumes my life, requiring endless hours and sleepless nights, count me in.

Join with me and spread the word that we CAN do something to delay the onset of the sadness and debility of this thing that we call aging. Anti-aging means living a healthy life and we can all do it together.

Using the expertise of internationally recognized medical and business leaders, Waterionizers.com is dedicated to the research, development and distribution of the worlds finest and most effective products formulated to safely slow and possibly stop or even reverse some of the ravages of age. We are proud to associate our good name and reputation with Jupiter Science & Royal Water a company that is committed to making a positive difference in people's lives, and we are very excited at being able to build our own business by sharing this information.

If you are interested in either the life changing products or the business associated with these products please contact us after you have reviewed the web site and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Many Thanks & Best of Health,
Brian McCrudden